Corporate Background

Trevor Chan
CEO of Enlight Software Ltd.

Considered one of the most creative designers in the gaming industry, Trevor Chan is the founder of Enlight, a unique publishing house that attracts creative design and development teams from around the world. Among other developers, Enlight is promoting and publishing titles for Infinite, Egosoft, and Haemimont Games.

Over the years, Mr. Chan has developed a loyal and growing following in the gaming community. His first title, Capitalism, received global accolades for being one of the best business simulation games ever created. According to PC Gamer, ˇ°Capitalism is the most realistic, detailed business sim on the market today, and one of the best economic games of all time.ˇ±

Following the success of Capitalism, Mr. Chan designed Seven Kingdoms, a fantasy real-time strategy game with tremendous depth and previously unseen design features. Seven Kingdoms and the sequel, Seven Kingdoms II: The Frytan Wars, were widely hailed by software reviewers for setting the standard for future empire building games. With the release of Hotel Giant and Restaurant Empire, Mr. Chan has shown his commitment to creating unique, challenging, games with a focus on combining entertainment with edification.