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Re: Major exploit

#11 Post by Pietro » Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:06 am

Hey that's a nice video ! I wish i have done such a good one to illustrate my point back in the days talking about a loophole i found too , there are related links if you are brave enough for my english and formating skills :

In your video what struck me the most is that you merge compagnies using the " corporate detail screen " and not the " stock market " screen.

This enlighted a really weird thing : you don't have the same set of rules for merger using one or the other.

Example : Company A owns 80% of B who owns 80% of C who owns 100% of D , you can merge A and D directly using the corporate detail screen , but you can't using the stock market screen.

This allow for less convoluted and faster exploit that i'm having fun looking for right now thanks ! ^^

I liked how you say " steal money to shareholders " because i call it like that too in my head , that would be one source of free money , another is not repaying debt to the bank , you can also eat every opponent as they arrive with their fresh cash !

I saw some changes and fixes since last time i've played but I have made my opinion that is : even if the game is a perfect model it would still have loophole , as it should teach those loopholes that exist in the real economy hahah

Here is a link to a picture of my laundering money scheme :

subsidiaries buying at highest price , selling at lowest and the main corp doing the opposite. ( not running at full because i'm bad )

This is doing the same thing as the tech exploit , siphoning cash from subsidiaries to the main corp except slower but also harder to enforce a fix against.

You can also relocate your profits to avoid taxes by trading betweens subsidiaries and then it's up to your imagination i guess x)

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