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#1 Post by therealevan » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:46 am

Since David and the team has the entire world map in their scope for production, perhaps we as a community can take a more closer realistic look into having transportation in a game. While there was an attempt years ago to bringing freight trucks into CapLab, I feel that since they're starting from scratch, it is a feasible option to add transportation sector.

In a bigger picture, we have the following:

Freight trucks
Freight Railroads
Maritime / shipping industry
Cargo airlines

This can be entirely up to interpretation of how a transportation system can work in a game we haven't seen yet. But If I may, here's a wild crack at it:

To start from the beginning, i'll go with trucks. Business XYZ produces steel that it sells to car manufacturer ABC. For XYZ to send those cars to ABC, it needs to bring in materials to produce the steel. It uses trucks from the firm TVP to provide it's supply channels. When the product (steel) has completed it's production, XYZ then loads the steel onto railcars provided by a railroad that can move the goods to another location within that land mass, OR, the railroad can move the goods to a port where it is loaded onto a ship where it will sail for other parts of the world.

Tie in maritime industry. The maritime industry is massive as many know, not just in terms with how many vessels are in the water currently, but the size of them is breathtaking. UVLCCs (Ultra Very Large Crude Carriers) and the giant Maersk Triple-E freighters move massive amounts of goods and should be accurately portrayed in some capacity.

The only part I'm not aware of would be cargo airlines. I am familiar with UPS/Fedex providing freight services via air but I'm not entirely sure how viable it is for businesses.

Thoughts/comments/suggestions please!

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Re: Transportation

#2 Post by David » Tue Feb 28, 2017 2:48 pm

For this idea, I think an easier way to implement it would be to implement it as a DLC, using the base game of Capitalism Lab and add transportation companies.

The vehicles are invisible and just setting up transportation companies, as someone has suggested before.

Vehicle and railway simulations are very time consuming to implement and many games have done a very good job on this already. So I think we should avoid confronting the competition head-on and try to curve out a niche using Capitalism Lab's unique system.

Besides you, we have received many requests from players for adding transportation elements into the game. So there must be a demand for such feature. We just have to figure out a way to do it uniquely, in the Capitalism Lab style. Anyway, I will bring this up with the dev team in the next new game idea meeting and see if we can come up with some innovative, yet practical approach for creating a transportation feature for CapLab.

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Re: Transportation

#3 Post by Spac3y » Tue Feb 28, 2017 6:26 pm

Airports for example could definatly have more uses.

Whether that be buying planes that you make so that airline companies can use them (fuel cost/staff cost/plane maintenance cost/vehicle depreciation cost) + ticket price per flight of x amount of people), to bringing in both tourists into the city (paying travel tax like we do in real life) or also bringing in people (interms of CES DLC) for the population increases.

Equally like you have with the new digital age online company, you could also have a tab to sell goods in the airports.

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Re: Transportation

#4 Post by eleaza » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:25 am

How about we not simulate at the vehicle level, but managing fleets similarly like firms, and many routes can be "aggregated" like subsidiaries handling specific traffic to and from (like inner-city, intercity between different, and direct city to port/airport, even passenger lines, etc.)
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