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Technology bug

#1 Post by Lerura » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:08 am

I have noticed that the bug where for some products only half the technology is added is still present.

E.g. Canned Soup


As you can see, the Technology is 72, but the Production Quality is only 14/40
14 is only 20% of the 72 technology point.

The same bug affects Leather Wallet

But it seems that this bug only applies to products produced by the player.
I've checked the same products produced by an IA, and here the numbers are correct.

Is it possible that it can be fixed, or is there already a patch for fixing this bug?

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Re: Technology bug

#2 Post by David » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:42 pm

There is a "Top Technology" value as shown in the attached screenshot of Capitalism Lab.

The tech contributing to the overall quality = max tech contribution value for this product X Your tech / Top technology.
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Re: Technology bug

#3 Post by Lerura » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:43 pm

Please take a look at the numbers again!!!!
And please notice that I am talking about a bug in Capitalism II, not Capitalism Lab

In this case the cap is not in effect as my technology is lower than the top technology. (72 < 100)
So it should say 28 / 40 as min(72,100)*0.4 = 28.8
But it shows 14 / 40, which would be correct if my technology was 36.

The strange thing is that the bug does not always apply.
I am currently running another city, and here my technology is 69.
min(69,100)*0.4 = 27 and the production quality shows 27 / 100. So here the correct technology is applied.

To compare:
with 72 technology the production quality is 14 / 40
with 69 technology the production quality is 27 / 40

Do you see the problem now???

I started playing Capitalism II back when it was released.
Canned Soup and Leather Wallet are the only products that I have ever seen been affected by this bug.

Why it only affects these 2 products, and only sometimes, is a mystery to me.

I have only recently started playing Capitalism Lab, and have not seen any signs of the bug here yet.

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