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Video Game City Reviews Wars & Warriors: Joan of Arc
Mar 15, 2004

SCORE: 8 / 10 “It has a unique blend of two genres that have certainly needed an injection of life for some time, and this game succeeds in doing so. Joan of Arc is one of the few games in the last few years that present a little something for everyone, and that is definitely a redeeming quality.“
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Neoseeker Reviews Wars & Warriors: Joan of Arc
Mar 15 , 2004

SCORE: 9.5 / 10 “There's no doubt that the game delivers a knockout for gameplay that makes it a must have for PC game fans in general.“

“Great Gameplay, excelent visuals and full scale wars leave us giving Wars & Warriors: Joan of Arc a 9.5/10. Hopefully Enlight will be able to deliver more titles based around this engine in the coming year.”
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WARCRY.COM: Wars & Warriors: Joan of Arc Review
Feb 29, 2004

Joan of Arc is really a fresh take on two old styles of gaming, RTS and hack-and-slash. It incorporates the two really well together and produces a fresh game that is quite fun to win. Just when the game starts to get boring, they show you how to handle the RTS aspect of the game and it becomes much more interesting. Overall, I recommend this game for those who enjoyed titles like Dynasty Warriors, but also want to have another interesting part of their game. I give it a Back to the Future score of 87 out of 100. I saw this game down at the local EB store for a mere $40, and it is well worth it. Give it a shot.
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GAMESPOT.COM: Joan of Arc Q&A with Trevor Chan
Written by Gamespot Staff
Published: December 17, 2003

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Written by Dan Adams
Published: December 19, 2003

"Wars & Warriors: Joan of Arc brings the sword slashing action, strategic use of armies, and customization of hero units together in an ambitious mix of 3 genres. Is it action? Is it strategy? Is it an RPG? Come on in and find out!"
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Written by Eric Arevalo

"Action, RTS as well as RPG elements are successfully combined to produce what should be one of the memorable games of 2004. With a powerful graphics engine producing impressive visuals, a great musical score, exciting gameplay, and an impressive combo system, Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc will be one of the games you will definitely want to buy when it is released!"
more > Joan of Arc Preview
Written by Brett Todd
Published: December 03, 2003

Gamesdomain exchanges a few blows of the sword with Joan of Arc.
more > Joan of Arc Preview
Written by Michael Butt
Published: December 01, 2003

"Joan of Arc strikes the perfect balance between action and strategy. It's deep enough to be interesting, yet not so to be frustrating. For those that have always wanted to jump right into the middle of the action in games like Warcraft III, Joan of Arc is your savior."
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Published: December 01, 2003

"The fact that you can enjoy epic battles, send troops into combat, and head into one-on-one clashes with elite enemy leaders should ensure a fun experience for the players. From a visual standpoint the environments in Joan of Arc offer a range of details, such as animated grass swaying in the wind, water effects, rain, and a lot more."
more > Joan of Arc Preview
Written by Michael Lafferty
Published: November 17, 2003

"Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc may not recount history exactly but it does so with lush, rich graphics."
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Written by Jason Ocampo
Published: November 12, 2003

"Interestingly, the third-person action and real-time strategy gameplay in Joan of Arc are closely related. It's not a static game where you play the strategy portion for one level and then switch to the action mode the next. Instead, you'll find yourself on your toes from the get-go, and you'll be switching between the two constantly."
more > Joan of Arc Exclusive Preview
Written by Brett Todd
Published: October 23, 2003

"For starters, the maps we've seen are both huge and representative of the actual French countryside. Forests, rivers, hills, and valleys are everywhere, and they have to be taken into consideration whenever you're planning a battle."
more > Joan of Arc Interview
Written by David Laprad
Published: July 14, 2003

"In the years Trevor Chan has been creating games, he’s explored an impressive range of ideas. Honored for his work on Capitalism, a business strategy sim, in 1996, and praised for his empire building game, Seven Kingdoms, the following year, Chan doesn’t lean on past achievements..."
more > Joan of Arc Interview
Written by Steve Butts
Published: June 25, 2003

"Boasting one of the best records in the field of strategy and economic gaming, [Trevor] Chan now brings his talents to bear on a hybrid action-strategy title, Joan of Arc. We recently chatted with the man behind the game to find out what we can expect..."
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