What is the population limit?


There is no population limit in the game. You can build an army as large as you want even if you do not have enough food to support it.


How many settlements might I have?


Depends on the map and type of game you are playing; generally as little as 1 and as many as 30 or even more.


Can I build structures?


No, everything is already built. You could capture enemy buildings and upgrade your own.


Can I raze buildings?


No, you could damage them to the level at which they become totally inefficient, but they could always be repaired.


How many races could I chose from?


Four – Gauls, Romans, Iberians and Carthaginians. Note that Each “race” has its own units and specific gameplay that separates it from all the rest.


Could I command groups of units?


Yes, you have the option of attaching up to 50 units to a hero at which point you could command all of them by simply giving commands to the hero of the group. It must be said that groups also receive a bonus in battle from the hero they are attached to.


What do I need food for?


Food is essential for your troops to stay healthy. Should your troops be lacking in food they will starve and their health will start slowly to decrease. Likewise should you provide troops with food their health will gradually increase.


Is there a way to cross the seas or is the game only on land?


You could use ships to transport people and recourses from one place to another. Your fleet could also fight enemy ships it encounters.


What are the types of resources?


Food and gold and the two recourses. Gold is gathered in the strongholds as tax from the population. Food is produced in villages scattered across the map.


Can I use the resources of one settlement to buy something elsewhere?


No! Resources could only be used locally. However, you could move resources via mules or boats from one settlement to another. Note that your enemies might capture or destroy them on the way.


How do I get experience?


Your units get experience by participating in battles or training. However, there are a few units that could “learn” from more experienced units.


Can I build siege equipment?


Yes, you could order some of your units (between 1 and 10) to build a catapult, ballista or siege tower anywhere on the battlefield. The more units inside the faster it would operate. You could also demolish it at which point the units operating it will do so and could be used elsewhere on the battlefield.


Could all my units use items?


Yes. Every single unit could carry up to 4 items. Some items automatically provide bonuses to their bearer; others must be activated to have any effect. There also are items that do both.


Where can I find items?


Ordinary items could be found in objects called item holders, which are marked by a small circle of stones around them. Really powerful items could be received from ruins, where only heroes of a specific level could enter. Alternatively when a unit dies it drops all its items on the ground where they could be taken by another.


What are the Stonehenges for?


They are places of worship where rituals of great power could be performed. These rituals influence the whole map for a period of time and are used to gain an advantage in variety of situations.


Who controls the Teuton Tents?


No one. Teutons are neutral and attack anyone who approaches their tent. Of course, you could capture the tent in which case all Teutons inside will be yours to control.


How do I increase my population?


The most common way is to order peasants of a village you own to go to your town hall. Some races can trade food in order to attract people to their settlements.


What do the animals do?


The same animals generally do. Beware of the wolves, however, for they usually attack.


What are the bonuses which can be selected at the start of a game?


The bonuses range from powerful items to additional resources. You can use them to boost a weaker human or AI player.


Could I control units while at the mini-map?


Yes, you can give all orders which do not require you to point at a specific unit or building.

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