Romans are a symbol of order and prosperity. They are ambitious professionals focused on their goals and prepared for anything. Making up for their lack of passion with persistence, they methodically follow their goals and never give up. They are aware that they are a power that soon will dominate half of the known world. Although they acknowledge their gods, they praise their freedom even more and obey the laws. Their society, however, decays due to the greed for more wealth, entertainment and pleasure.



The people of Carthage belong to an ancient civilization of merchants. The wealth and safety of their homeland had convinced them that their civilization would last for eternity. Although skilled in the art of war, they emerge victorious because of the overwhelming power of their armies and not because of the bravery of their men. In fact, their warriors were mercenaries from nearby tribes in North Africa, Spain and even Macedonia.

The Carthaginian customs were barbarous to the extreme. When a battle was won they would sacrifice their most handsome prisoners to the gods; when a battle had been lost the children of their most noble families were cast into the furnace.



Gaul people are romantic visionaries. They are a hardly controllable crowd of brave and fierce warriors. They do not have good weapons or military education but they have one thing more than anything else – spirit. They fight as children play – with eager but playful enthusiasm. They have many hidden abilities and the mysterious druids on their side, which makes them dangerous enemies.



Iberians were brave and independent people. The Roman historian Estrabon told that Iberian warriors used to carry a poison and they did not hesitate to take it rather than being captured. A sentence ascribed to Emperor Augustus best describes them: "First to be invaded… last to be dominated". Yet Iberians were peaceful people dedicated to farming and rarely inclined to wage war. Women played an important role in Iberian society. The Roman historian Estrabon says "Daughters are the ones who inherit and choose wives for their brothers".

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