Welcome to the TrackMania Website!

TrackMania is a brand new concept where you enter a crazy universe of track
building, puzzles and breakneck racing!

That's not all! TrackMania is an addictive, fast-paced multiplayer Mecca,
with loads of crazy tracks and a variety of fascinating competition modes,
giving you the ability to create your own tracks and share the experience
with others. TrackMania also includes a variety of fascinating competition

Open to all, TrackMania's network game is built to allow players of all
skills to participate, from the casual gamer with a low-speed connection to
the hard-core gamer with bandwidth galore!



Digital Manual

Digital Manual is available! Just click here to download it!




AVault: TrackMania Review

“… you're compelled to come back to it time and again is because you had fun the last time you played with it. In that sense, it's the perfect toy .?

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GameSpot: TrackMania Review

?…on the whole, this is a great game with plenty of depth and lasting appeal .?

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Game Chronicles: TrackMania Review

“Guaranteed to delight and entertain all who play, this is one of those rare games that is fun for the entire family .?

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Gamers Edge: TrackMania Review

“the unending supply of new tracks the depth is infinite.?

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Worth Playing: TrackMania Review

“…track building and racing is surprisingly fun and addictive. You might find yourself hooked. I was .?

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GameSpy: TrackMania Preview

“…it's potentially good news that Enlight plans to release TrackMania in the U.S. soon. The game has already been released in Europe to positive reviews.?

“…it's impressive that TrackMania offers something fresh: it's not merely a racing game, but also a racing track construction set.?

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Avault: TrackMania Preview

“The killer app here is that you can build your own levels with accessible ease…”

“I believe it's a potential mold-breaker.?

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GameSpot: TrackMania Hands on Preview

“Nadeo's soon-to-be-released TrackMania will feature arcade-style racing , but it will also have a distinctive puzzle element as well.?/span>

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IGN: Trackmania Preview

?strong>The idea is ingenious .?/span>

“Where Track Mania excels is in the track editor and the track-making process.?

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PC Game World News

Want to win some free games? Enter the TrackMania contest and you could!
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Gamespy's TrackMania News - May 26th 2004

"it's impressive that TrackMania offers something fresh: it's not merely a racing game, but also a racing track construction set."
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Gamespot's TrackMania News

Enlight today announced that it will release an enhanced version of TrackMania in North America in June. The online racing game, which was developed by Nadeo, shipped in Europe toward the end of last year.
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