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Restaurant Empire

Fresh out of culinary school, young Armand Lebouf travels to Paris to see Uncle Michel - renowned chef and owner of famed brasserie the Treize a table. Little does he know, all is not well with the Leboufs in Paris. Driven out of business by a ruthless competitor, the restaurant is no more. Armand is determined to settle the score and restore this iconic restaurant back to prominence. But it will take more than just smarts and cooking talent to topple a juggernaut. He will need friends.

Coffee, Dessert and Sweets Success

With OmniFood ruined and success firmly in hand, Armand and Delia finally get hitched. But, like any other marriage, it is not bound to be all roses in the Lebouf house. As the lure of celebrity tugs at Armand and Delia carves her own professional path, their careers will soon be at odds and their marriage put to the test. With OmniFood, the enemy was staring right at them, the problem was simple. Now that it's just the two of them, it won't be so easy.