Capitalism Contest

Capitalism 2 Has Made The Leap from Playground to Classroom.

A number of world-class universities used Capitalism in teaching business courses, including such notable ones as follows:

Harvard University
Duke University
Stanford University
University of North Carolina

Duke Took the Gold

Duke Took The Gold

In January of 1996, MBA students from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina were invited to put the business knowledge they have learned in the school into practice. They were each given a business to manage and $10 million of capital in Enlight Software’s Capitalism simulation game. The two teams swiftly expanded their businesses, increased market shares, and undertook R&D projects. Both teams did an excellent job growing their businesses but the Duke team won by a close margin and was awarded a $500 check and given the opportunity to donate $1000 to their favorite charity.

Stanford Won the First National Capitalism Contest

Stanford Won the First National Capitalism Contest

The Duke vs. North Carolina Capitalism contest was just the beginning! In May 1996, three teams of students from Stanford and Harvard engaged in heated battle to create the most profitable business using Enlight Software's Capitalism. The students showed their capabilities in running their billion dollar business empires in the four hours of game session. The final score was derived from each team's individual wealth, number of industries and product domination as well as their corporation's market value. Beating the Harvard Grads and Stanford Grads, the Stanford Undergrad team took home the top honors in the National Capitalism Contest.