Download Patch of Capitalism 2

It fixes the typing speed problem.

It improves on mouse-clicking responses on Increase and Decrease Values buttons to prevent numbers from jumping too fast.

It fixed a bug with the calculation of the local overall rating, which affects the average city overall rating.

The city view looks better with an improved the display aspect ratio.

It improved compatibilities with the different versions of Windows.

It fixed a bug with the display of the product rating bars on the firm detail screen.

It fixed a bug with jewelry and watch stores which occur after loading a save game.

It fixed a bug with the firms report.
How to apply the patch:

Extract the patch ZIP file to your Capitalism 2 program folder. You can open your Capitalism 2 program folder by right-clicking on the Capitalism 2 game icon and select “Properties”, then select “Open File Location” to open the folder.